Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top Tweets From Day 3 of the #RevReborn Conference

Brendan McConville: If we decenter the political, are we still talking about the Revolution?

Taylor: Ulrich pointed out that Rev is more important today because embedded as selective memory in almost every contemp. debate

Taylor: leaders started out to defend property, ended up confiscating a great deal of it, in land and humans.

Taylor: Starting new book, sequel to Am. Colonies He wants to tell the Rev from 1750 to 1820 and put it into global Rev context.

Slaughter: Historians should stop being disciples of theorists

Thomas Slaughter: hasn't changed my mind about anything because almost no one has discussed causation or things before 1775

DuVal: Last thing most American Indians wanted in 18th century was American Citizenship.

Brendan McConville: Tentative tile of Rev conference in 2015 is “New Revolution?”

Q: Have you ever thought about writing historical fiction? Gordon-Reed: Show of hands - who here hasn't?

Comment: What are the implications for Rev narrative of N England & M. Colonies If we recenter Rev narrative on slavery & South?

Mark Boonshoft just plugged your book to the attendees.

Marcus Rediker making case for American Revolution exceptionalism from the Left.

Michelle McDonald: Did folks collect military souvenirs from Rev not to remember but to sell to others?

Thanks to all of these tweeters for keeping us up to speed on the conference!