Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation Days at the University of Pennsylvania--Circa 1760s and 1770s

Last night I finished working through the early trustee minutes of the College of Philadelphia, the school that would eventually become the University of Pennsylvania. 

For those of you who complain that you do not get enough days off from school each year, here is the vacation schedule that was in place at the college during the 1760s and 1770s:

No classes between December 24 to January 7

No classes during Passion Week & Easter Monday

No classes on the King's Birthday & the 2nd Day of the Spring & Fall Fairs

No classes on the four days following Whitsunday

One day off from classes each quarter as long as tuition is paid on time.

No class on Nov. 13, the Anniversary of the founding of the college (1749).

Twenty-one days off from class preceding the last Monday in August. (This is the equivalent of summer break)

No class on October 1 and 2 or the two "Anniversary Election Days"