Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tweeter Feed: National Humanities Medals Ceremony

Here are my tweets from the event:

And its over. A 36 minute ceremony. Glad to see Obama has 36 minutes to promote the humanities. 36 minutes! #humanitiesmedals

Marilynne Robinson exudes humility as she expect the award. Gets a big hug from Obama #humanitiesmedals

Marilynne Robinson: "Has defined universal truths about what it means to be human. Obama shows warm affection for her.  

Robert Putnam: "for deepening our understanding of community." " Can a sociologist be a humanist?

Did not know how frail Joan Didion was. She gets the biggest applause so far.  

Deford wins medal for getting us to think differently about sports. Gets enthusiastic greeting from Obama.

Natalie Zemon David wins for "eloquence in bringing the past into focus." She seems very excited to be honored.

Ayers and Obama seem to share a brief joke as his bio is read.  

Ed Ayers: Honored for work in digital and public history.  

George Lucas received his medal. I never saw any of the Star Wars movies.  

Honorees coming up to the stage to receive their medals. Trying to catch what Obama says to them, but it is hard to hear.  

If the human imagination is the most important thing in American culture, it needs to be encouraged, not just STEM  

Obama: Humanities have helped shape American Democracy---they create "ripples of hope."  

Obama: Grew up reading Frank Deford in *Sports Illustrated* and "I think it was good for me."  

Obama: Wants his kids to read Robinson's *Gilead" because it is a "lasting contribution to American life."  

Obama: Surprised that Joan Didion hasn't already received this award.  

Obama: Humanities teach us to think, change, imagine, reach new heights, understand each other. YES--please get behind us!  

Obama: Humanities medal winners are primarily teachers.  

Obama: Says Marilynne Robinson's writings have "changed me for the better."

 If he (Obama) loves the humanities so much then please put your money where your mouth is!!!!  

Obama: Humanities scholars teach us what it means to be human and what it means to be an American.  

Obama: Jokes that he is a major contributor to the Humanities. "I bought their books..."  

And here comes Obama to "Hail to the Chief"  

And here we go. Award winners are entering the room.  
Do these things always start late or is something wrong with my feed?  

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