Saturday, August 17, 2013

How Much Would David McCullough Make on a Frederick Douglass Biography?

Is David McCullough writing a new book?
The Onion reports.  Here is a taste:

McCullough, who confirmed he’s been researching subjects for his next book ever since he hit pay dirt with The Greater Journey, said that it wasn’t until he came across an article about a meeting between the legendary slave-turned-statesman and President Abraham Lincoln that he finally thought, “Cha-ching!”

Noting that the most difficult part of beginning a new book project is settling on the right horse to ride all the way to the goddamned bank, McCullough said that since he’s decided to explore Douglass’ life, all that he has left to do is “construct an engrossing narrative, throw in a couple of demonstrative anecdotes from his childhood, then sit back and watch the dough roll in.”

“I wrung Roosevelt dry, then stacked paper like a madman with Adams and Truman,” said the Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, adding that he “pretty much shook all the founding fathers by their ankles and raked in some big-time dinero.” “As soon as I realized that no one’s really examined the encounter between these two iconic figures, I just couldn’t help but think, ‘Man, that’s basically a license to print money right there.’”