Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Fake Studying Abroad

I was really there.  No, seriously--that's me on the right and I think that may be a London landmark in the background!  (with my daughter Allyson)

This is hilarious.  Steven L. Jones, a professor of classics at Houston Baptist University, offers some advice as to how to convince your friends that you spent two weeks in England this summer when, in reality, you were working at Walmart.  Here is a taste:

1. Pick a Country:  In addition to believability, the goal is to make people feel jealous and little bit inferior.  So pick a country that 1. People want to go to  2. It is reasonable for you to have gone to.  3. You know enough about to fake your way.  There is only 1 answer to this question: England…or the United Kingdom (see below for details).

 2. Pick a Time Frame and Length of Trip:  Though people aren’t as interested in your life as you might think, some may have been following your facebook and twitter accounts vaguely enough to realize when something like leaving the country happens.  So pick a time frame for your trip that makes sense.  Check your facebook feed and see if there are perhaps two weeks between posts about the salad you had at Panera and the crying baby at the Office Store.  Anything that gives away your location is a problem.  Don’t worry about the reposting of cat meme’s or articles about Dr. Who…well worry… but for different reasons.  They wont give you way. 

Hopefully you have decided that you studied in England for 2 weeks this summer.

Read the rest here.

BTW, here is more proof:

at the Tower of London