Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Journal of the American Revolution

I have recently been reading a smart and accessible web journal called the "Journal of the American Revolution."  Here is a little more about it:

In a world of increasing historical illiteracy and apathy, Journal of the American Revolution (allthingsliberty.com) publishes passionate, creative and smart content intended to make history more palatable. Our editorial menu offers a healthy variety of in-depth features and engaging columns, in both short- and long-form, with an eye for accuracy over legend. Our daily goals are simple: Make serious history more approachable among a diverse audience and regularly deliver original, unique and interesting material to our readers. It’s edutainment, or a business casual approach to scholarship, if you will. Collectively, our rapidly growing archive — now approaching 200 articles — provides amazing substance, depth and breadth as we strive to become the leading source of information about the American Revolution and Founding period. 

Journal of the American Revolution is the brainchild and production of Reporting the Revolutionary War author Todd Andrlik, and co-edited with historian-authors Hugh T. Harrington and Don N. Hagist. As a multi-author online magazine, we welcome contributions from all American Revolution intellectuals — amateur or professional. Since our launch in January 2013, we have been cited or featured by TIME, Slate, Smithsonian, Bloomberg, UPI, AHA, Huffington Post, History News Network, MSNBC and KCRW Public Radio. More so, we have attracted an audience of more than a 170,000 readers, including media, students, educators, and employees of major academic and research institutions, corporations, government agencies and branches.

The editors of the journal have put together an impressive lineup of writers that includes Michael Adelberg, J.L. Bell, Liz Covart, Thomas Fleming, Ray Raphael, and Taylor Stoermer.

If you have a serious interest in the American Revolution, but find the scholarly journals a bit stuffy, Journal of American Revolution is for you.