Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pauline Maier Obituary

From The New York Times. Interesting title: "Pauline Maier, Historian Who Described Jefferson as 'Overrated,' Dies at 75."

Here is a taste:

Professor Maier aimed her books at general as well as scholarly audiences by building suspense in telling stories whose outcome readers already knew. Her model was the popular historian Barbara Tuchman, who made a point of never mentioning an outcome until its proper moment in the story. 

In a memorial posted on H-Net, an interdisciplinary scholarly forum, R. B. Bernstein, a constitutional historian, called Professor Maier “one of the premier explainers of our profession, elucidating complex ideas and tangled historical events and process in clear, graceful language.”

“She also,” he added, “brought out the sheer fun of doing history.” 

Read the entire obituary here.