Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hattem on the Historiography of the American Revolution

New Whig
Undergraduates and graduate students in early American history take note!  Michael Hattem, a graduate student at Yale and prolific blogger at The Junto, has written a very useful overview of the way historians have understood the American Revolution from 1780 to the present.

See if you can define these different schools of interpretation:

Revolutionary (1780-1820)
Loyalist (1780-1820)
Whig (1820-1880)
Progressive (1900-1940)
Consensus (1940-1960)
New-Whig (1960-1980)
New Left (1960-1980)
Social History (1960-1980)
Neo-Progressive (1980-Present)
Founders Chic (1980-Present)

Read Hattem's essay at the Journal of the American Revolution.