Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pietist Schoolman Picks 10 Blogs By Christian Historians You Should Be Reading

After we made an unsuccessful pitch to be considered for Christian Piatt's "25 Christian Blogs You Should be Reading," I was so pleased to see that we made Chris Gehrz's list of the "10 Blogs By Christian Historians You Should Be Reading."

Chris writes:

I’ve complained a couple of times that Christian Piatt’s recent (very popular) exercise in identifying “25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading” gave short shrift (both in the readers’ and editor’s versions) to academics — in particular, my fellow historians. To a significant extent, this is the fault of our guild; I’m afraid that Sam Wineburg is generally right that “We have important things to say but have forgotten how—and to whom—to say them.” Like many scholars, historians write too much for each other and too little for the general population.  

But there are many gifted historians who regard blogging as an extension of their callings as scholars and teachers, and several of the best are Christians. I won’t try for a list of twenty-five, but here (in no particular order) are ten blogs by Christian historians that you should be reading — offered in the hope that readers will recommend at least fifteen more that I’ve missed: (my Recommended Links page includes some more).

And I think the list needs to be expanded to 11 blogs so that we can include Chris's excellent The Pietist Schoolman!!