Tuesday, October 22, 2013

90% of College Students Text in Class

So far this semester I have had to tell three students in my United States history survey course to put away their cell phones.  (I ban them in my class).  I thought that having to do this three times was a lot, until I learned about Professor Barney McCoy's study of the way students use their devices in class.  Apparently 90% of college students claimed to use their devices for "non-class purposes" including texting checking the time, e-mailing, social networking, web surfing, and games.  Inside Higher Education reports:

McCoy writes in the paper that the widespread use of digital devices in class makes it important for academics to get a better understanding of just how and why students feel the need to be online for non-academic reasons. "When college students multi-task with digital devices in classrooms, research indicates it may hamper their ability to pay attention," he writes. "This behavior, research suggests, has become more habitual, automatic and distracting."

How do you handle cell phones and other devices in your classes?