Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Collected Tweets From Timothy Shah's American Democracy Lecture at Messiah College

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  1. Shah: Religious freedom was more than a modern, Enlightened, Protestant, or Christian idea.
  2. Shah: Who is real symbol of religious freedom? Is it the founding father Jefferson or the African church father Tertullian?
  3. Shah: How much influence did Tertullian's idea of religious freedom have during his day?
  4. Shah:Tertullian thought religious freedom was dangerous.. It contributed to a sense of identity higher than the state.
  5. Shah: Tertullian believed that it was something akin to committing "civic suicide" to not allow religious freedom
  6. Shah: Language of religious freedom and individual rights Tertullian introduced is evident in Edict of Milan in 4th century
  7. Shah: Tertiullian defended the "modern" notion of the individual consicence and connected it to religious freedom
  8. Shah: Tertullian argued that religious freedom preserves the common good and protects people from the state.
  9. Shah: Tertullian believed religious freedom is essential to respecting human reason and judgment.
  10. Shah: Tertullian believed religious freedom honored our basic sense of human dignity
  11. Shah: Tertullian argued Roman persecution of Christians is universally wrong. Freedom is a condition of religious devotion
  12. Shah is now unpaclking Tertullian's view of religious freedom. He uses the word "religious liberty." Perhaps 1st known use
  13. Shah: How do you explain the similarities between Jefferson and Tertullian on religious freedom.? Tertullian was a dogmatist
  14. Shah: Tertullian articulated an idea of religious freedom almost identical to Jefferson's later idea of religious freedom
  15. Shah: Why would Jefferson cite Tertullian, a premodern authority, to support a modern idea like religious freedom
  16. Shah: Jefferson references Tertullian, the Latin church father, in *Notes on State of VA* when he discusses religious freedom
  17. Shah: Jefferson's idea of religious freedom is individual, normative, and universal rooted in human dignity
  18. Shah: Is religious freedom universal or is it modern, Enlightenment, Protestant, latitudinarian, parochial, Jeffersonian?
  19. Shah: Pew Research shows that 75% of the world's people live in countries with religious persecution and no religious freedom
  20. Shah: Is religious freedom a Western idea that America is trying to impose on the world or it is a universal idea?
  21. Shah: The Left thinks religious freedom is an American construction that should not be transported to the rest of the world
  22. Shah: Religious freedom is both universal and exceptional.
  23. Shah:American values are both universal and exceptional  

    Shah: Both Roger Williams and William Penn read Tertullian on religious freedom