Saturday, October 19, 2013

David Barton: "There's about a dozen universities...that are right..."

Here is Barton's latest, as reported by Warren Throckmorton:

There’s about a dozen universities out there across America that we know of and deal with that are right biblically cause they believe what the Bible says, they’re very pro-America, they’re very pro-Constitution, the Constitution that God was involved in that, that it reflects biblical values, and so those are the guys that are good to go to to get a perspective. And we thought you know, one of the theologian guys that is really good on this is also the president of a university, Oklahoma Wesleyan University which is a great university, one of these that’s, it’s right on the Bible, right on the Constitution, right on American history.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is one of these "right" schools.  I would love to know the other eleven.