Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Need Twitter Followers

This may sound like a very self-absorbed title for a post, but let me explain.  Apparently Twitter has a rule whereby a user cannot follow more than 2000 people unless they have the relatively same number of followers.  Since I joined Twitter a few years ago I have followed far more people than the number of people who have followed me.  I use my Twitter feed primarily to find interesting material for The Way of Improvement Leads Home (and with intern Megan Piette joining the team I would like to have her begin to scour my feed for good stuff to blog about). This is why my "following" (2,003) to "follower" (998) is so skewed.

I would like to follow more people because there is so much good material out there that I can use on the blog, but, as mentioned above, Twitter will not let me do so until I get more followers.

So if you appreciate what we do here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home I hope you might consider following me on Twitter--@johnfea1.  And if you have followed me recently and I have not followed you back, you now know why.  

I hope this all makes sense.