Friday, October 18, 2013

"Inhabit" at Wheaton College

Later this month I will be heading out to Wheaton College in Illinois for a unique conference on racial unity sponsored by the college and Pastor Ray McMillan's organization, "Race to Unity."  Here is a description of the "Inhabit" conference:

The mission of the Inhabit conference is to inspire racial unity by bringing together Wheaton College students, faculty, and staff along with local churches and local Christian organizations to respond to the challenge of promoting racial unity in the body of Christ: That they all may be one (John 17:20-23).

This conference is designed to explore the pattern and potential of racial and ethnic inclusivity in the body of Christ.  Together we want to advance a conversation about the ways that grace, love, compassion, justice, and inclusion are expressed in Christian community.  We hope to answer questions like these: How do we imagine inhabiting the multicultural reality of the Kingdom of God? How should Christians pursue racial unity?

I will be on a panel with Mark Noll and George Marsden discussing the current state of the "Christian America" debate.  Other speakers include Tony Evans, Sam Rodriguez, Robin Afrik, Wayne Gordon, and a performance by the Harlem Gospel Choir.  Here is the schedule of events.  You can register for the conference here.

From all reports, Pastor McMillan is known for his powerful, inspiring, educational, convicting, and challenging conferences that go a long way toward promoting racial unity among evangelicals and evangelical churches.  I am glad and honored to be a part of this.