Monday, October 14, 2013

New Ph.D Program in Religious Studies at University of California-Davis

The Way of Improvement Leads Home reader John Smolenski, a professor of early American history at the University of California at Davis and author of Friends and Strangers: The Making of a Creole Culture in Colonial Pennsylvania, has passed along news of a new Ph.D program in Religious Studies. I will let John take it from here:

UC Davis has an almost brand-new Ph.D. program in Religious Studies (our first ever students have just started classes and we'll be admitting our second class this year.) It's an interdisciplinary program with professors from Religious Studies, History, Anthropology, Classics, Music, Sociology, and Art History on the graduate group (to name a few). With this wide range of mentors and advisors, students can pursue research in modern Islam, late-antiquity Christianity, medieval Hinduism, and yes, religion in the colonial Atlantic world. The University has committed funds for graduate student support as we get the program off the ground. The general website for the program is here. You can find information about the faculty affiliated with the program here. For questions about admissions click here and for questions about graduate student support click here. (I know how important financial concerns can be when applying to graduate school. If anyone is interested, don't hesitate to email me (or any of the other professors affiliated with the program)

John Smolenski