Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The AHA Program is Here

This year the American Historical Association (AHA) annual meeting will be held January 2-5 in Washington D.C.  The AHA has just released an online and searchable version of the conference program.  If I had time, I would try to attend the following sessions:

How to Get Started in Digital History: Sharon Leon and Claire Potter

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Why Should We Engage?: Leah Shopkow, Miles Blizzard, Amy Nelson Burnett, Devi Mays, Paula Rieder, and Bruce VanSledright.

Protestant-Catholic Clashes: Joseph Pearson, Joan Barthel, Carlos Parra-Pirela, and David Dzurec

A Place for Public History in Your Department: Michelle McLellan, Alexandra Lord, Patrick Moore, Rebecca Shrum

National Endowment for the Humanities Enduring Questions Course Grants: Advice, Experience, Evaluation: Julia Nguyen, Christopher Bellitto, Lahra Smith, Richard Andrew Cahill

Writing History for the Public: Nicholas Breyfogle, Brian Balogh, Steven Conn, Allen Mikaelian, David Paul Nord, Jonathan Zimmerman

Teaching History To/For STEM Students: Deborah Coen, Steven Usselman, Jenny Leigh Smith, William Broadhead, Scott Sandage.  (I am particular interested in Sandage's talk: "The Historian as Missionary").

Digital History: Where Is It Headed: Part I: Kathleen Franz, Steven Lubar, Kathryn Tomasek, Julian Chambliss

How Should Historians Respond to MOOCs?: Elaine Carey, Jeremy Adelman, Ann Little, Jonathan Rees, Philip Zekilow

Reimagining the Practice of History: John Fea, Glenn Sanders, Lendol Calder, Tracy McKenzie

Writing American History Outside the Academy: Joseph Kip Kosek, Jonathan Darman, Adam Goodheart, Megan Marshall, Louisa Thomas

Doing Digital History With Undergraduates: Sharon Leon, Tona Hangen, Thomas Harbison, Jeffrey McClurken, Michelle Moravec, Luke Waltzer

"The Historical Enterprise": Past, Present, and Future Collaboration Between Secondary History Teachers and University History Professors: James Banner Jr., Robert Townsend, Timothy J. Greene, Linda Symcox

Catholicism in the Late Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic: Patrick Carey, Mary Sanderson, Michael Carter, Ronald Binzley

I also hope to attend several sessions of the American Society of Church History meeting which is held in conjunction with the AHA conference.  Here are some of the sessions that caught my eye.