Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Winter Meeting of the American Society of Church History

The program for the Winter Meeting of the ASCH is out and it abounds with interesting and provocative sessions.  I wish I could go to them all.  I am looking forward to joining Anna Lawrence, Christopher Jones, Katherine Carte Engel, and Mark Peterson on a session entitled "Fracturing a Global Empire: Religion and Place in the American Revolution."  I will be sharing some work in progress on my project on Presbyterians and the American Revolution.

Other sessions that caught my eye:

  • A session evangelical book culture featuring Catherine Brekus, Jonathan Yeager, Keith Grant, and Daniel Vaca
  • A session on David Bebbington's so-called "Evangelical Quadrilateral" featuring Timothy Larsen, Kelly Elliott, Thomas Kidd, Amanda Porterfield, and Bebbington himself
  • A session liberal religion in America featuring Lydia Willsky, Matthew Bowman, Elesha Coffman, and Matthew Hedstrom
  • A session on war featuring Darryl Hart, Benjamin Wetzel, Cara Burnidge, Paul Kemeny, and Richard Gamble
  • A session on Amanda Porterfield's Conceived in Doubt featuring Katherine Carte Engel, Michael Altman, James Byrd, Kathryn Gin Lum, and Mark Noll
  • A session Indian missions in the early republic featuring Linford Fisher, Brian Franklin, Nicholas Aieta, and Joshua Rice
  • A session on Pentecostals featuring Kate Bowler, Christopher Kinder, Susie Butler, and Jonathan Root
  • A session on religion and the American Civil War featuring Mark Noll, Harry Stout, Allen Guelzo, James McPherson, George Rable, and Laurie Maffly-Kipp
  •  A session on Catholicism and the politics of life featuring Leslie Tenter, Daniel Williams, Raymond Haberski, and Marian Mollin
This should be a great conference.  Unfortunately I have other responsibilities that will keep me away from all of these sessions, but I hope to make as many as possible.