Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tweets From Opening Session of Lilly Fellows Conference

As I wrote yesterday, I am at the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and  the Arts National Conference at the University of Scranton.  I just returned from a late evening reception for former Lilly Fellows.  It was nice to see old friends and meet some of the current Lilly Fellows.  Mark Schwehn, the godfather of the Lilly Fellows Program, made an appearance as well.
Tonight's plenary speaker was Mark Ravizza S.J. of Santa Clara University.  His talk was entitled "Inspiring Faith and Engaging Reality: Educating for Civic Virtue in a Secular Age."  Here are my tweets from the conference.  You can read other tweets at #lfp2013.

Yes, exposure to suffering transforms us, but how do humanities DISCIPLINES foster transformative experiences?  
Mark Ravizza challenges us to talk about God in the classroom. How does this translate to a history class?  
Ravizza: Civic virtue requires imagination, but it begins with the acknowledgment of real suffering and seeking God in the midst.
Ravizza: "Globalization of superficiality." I am apparently engaging in this right now by writing this tweet.

Ravizza: Must educate students to sympathize with those less fortunate. Replace "civic blindness" with a "fellow feeling" for others.  

Ravizza: Early Jesuits saw no tension between faith-based education and an education for citizenship/common good.

Academia asserts a host of pressures: US News rankings, publishing, tenure, etc... All encourage us to play it safe.   

Ravizza: We cannot teach what we do not know or do not live.  

Ravizza: Quotes Buechner. God calls us to the place where our deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet  

 Ravizza: In a secular age we need new and creative ways to bring faith into the classroom. #lfp2013

First keynote speaker is Rev. Mark Ravissa SJ of Santa Clara University:

Unfamiliar with the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and Arts? Learn more here:  

This year's Lilly post-docs are very impressive. Check them out and hire them:  

Joe Creech introducing the Lilly Fellow post-docs. Proud to have been part of this group from 2000-2002 with  

Kudos to Gretchen Van Dyke and her team for hosting us at Scranton and for introducing some of us to Russell's Italian restaurant  

University of Scranton politics professor Gretchen Van Dyke is welcoming us to Scranton and the 2013 Lilly Fellows Conference