Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where America Came From

This is a fascinating map.  It shows the ancestry with the largest population in every county in the United States based on the 2000 census.  Here are the rankings:

1.  Germans
2.  African Americans
3.  Irish
4.  Mexicans
5.  English
6. "Americans" (People who label themselves this way or do not know their ancestry)
7.  Italians
8.  Polish
9.  French

No state has one ethnicity that dominates every county, but Pennsylvania (German), Wisconsin (German), Massachusetts, (Irish), Maine (English), Utah (English), and Nebraska (German) come very close.

A few more observations:

  • Notice the Dutch enclaves in Western Michigan and south central Iowa.
  • Why do so many people in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, the western portion of Virginia, Arkansas, and western North Carolina identify as "Americans?"
  • South Carolina and Mississippi have the strongest concentrations of African Americans.
  • New York metropolitan area is dominated by Italians
  • I didn't know that there we so many Finns in northern Wisconsin
  • Note the Italian enclave in south Florida

OK immigration historians and historians of ethnicity, have at it.