Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Can Evangelicals Can Learn From Pope Francis's Recent Apostolic Exhortation?

Religion News Service has picked up a piece I wrote on evangelicals and Evangelii Gaudium.  Read the entire essay here.

Here is a taste:

2.  “Evangelii Gaudium” distinguishes between the “primary” and “secondary” aspects of church teaching.  The evangelical understanding of the Christian faith focuses on the atoning work of Christ on the cross above all other doctrines. Think, for example, of Billy Graham — the closest thing evangelicals have to a saint. Graham probably has his convictions about particular church doctrines, but his ministry tended to play down these distinctions in favor of a gospel message that transcended differences. In the same way, Francis challenges his church to make evangelism — the proclamation of the message that God and God alone has saved us from the consequences of sin — a  priority over those “second aspects” of faith, which are important but do not “convey the heart of Christ’s message.”