Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The OAH Program is Here

The annual meeting of the AHA just ended and I am now gearing up for the April meeting of the OAH--the Organization of American Historians.  I will be presenting on Sunday morning from 10:45-12:15 on a panel called "Is Blogging Scholarship."  My co-panelists are Jeffrey Pasley (Publick Occurrences 2.0), Ann Little (Historiann), Michael O'Malley (The Aproetic), and Benjamin Alpers (U.S. Intellectual History).

I just received my program in the mail today and jotted down a few sessions that caught my eye.  Here they are:

"The Boston Tea Party: The Most Dangerous Memory of the Revolution" (Benjamin Carp, Barbara Clark Smith, Nathaniel Sheidley, and Ron Formisano)

"To Begin the World Over Again: The Life of Thomas Paine" (Written and performed by Ian Ruskin)

"Internationalizing American History: Assessment and Future Directions" (David Engerman, Thomas Bender, Jane Kamensky, Kristin Hoganson, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, Johann Neem, and Kiran Klaus Patel)

"Crossing the Boundary Between Academic and Public Practice" (Patricia Limerick, Alea Henle, Cindy Ott, Sarah Keyes, and Patrick Blythe)

"Rebellion and Revolution in the War of Independence: Occupation and the Civilian-Military Borderland" (Caroline Cox, Jessica Choppin Roney, John Roche, Aaron Sullivan, and Emily Merrill)

"State of the Field: American Popular Culture" (Jackson Lears, Lauren Sklaroff, Burton Peretti, and Jefferson Cowie)

"Religion and Transatlantic Print Culture in the Early Republic" (Jonathan Den Hartog, Lily Santoro, Ashley Moreshead)

"Writing Religious Lives" (Rachel Wheeler, Richard Pointer, Anna Lawrence, Joshua Paddison, and John Hayes)

"The Scholarship and Legacy of Eugene Genovese" (John Boles, Stephanie McCurry, Julie Sayville, Jon Wakelyn, and Robin Blackburn)

"The State of the Field: The Trans-Atlantic Enlightenment in America" (Rosemarie Zagarri, Joyce Chaplin, Sarah Knott, Michael Meranze, Jason Opal, Jose Torre, and Caroline Winterer)

"Historians and Their Publics" (Alan Kraut, Spencer Crew, Jill Lepore, Sean Wilentz, and Shola Lynch)

"New Knowledge in Old Containers: How Early Republic Scholars Are Changing The Story" (John Larson, Patricia Cohen, Andrew Cayton, Harry Watson, and Mary Kelley)

"Beyond Coverage: Toward a Signature Pedagogy for History Survey Courses" (Lendol Calder, Laura Baker, Keith Erekson, Laura Westhoff, Joel Sipress, David Voelker, and Nikki Mandell)

"The Legacy of Edmund S. Morgan" (Craig Yirush, Richard Godbeer, Barbara Oberg, David Waldstreicher, and Michael Winship)

"State of the Field: Religion in American History" (Jon Butler, Wallace Best, Susan Juster, Kathryn Lofton, Kevin Schultz, Sarah Barringer Gordon)

"Educating Future History Teachers: Models of University and High School Collaboration" (Betty Dessants, Billie Jean Clemens, Linda Sargent Wood, Wilson Warren, Mary Ella Engel)

See you in Atlanta!