Saturday, January 25, 2014

The War of 1812: America's First Crisis

Robert P. Watson, a Professor of American Studies at Lynn University, explores the leaders, battles, and politics behind The War of 1812. The New York History Blog reviews Watson's new book, America's First Crisis: The War of 1812.

Here is a taste:

In America’s First Crisis: The War of 1812 (SUNY Press, 2014) Robert P. Watson tells the stories of the battles and leaders and shares the blunders and victories of the war. What started out as an effort to invade Canada, fueled by anger over the harassment of American merchant ships by the Royal Navy, soon turned into an all-out effort to fend off an invasion by Britain.

Armies marched across the Canadian border and sacked villages; navies battled on Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, and the world’s oceans; both the American and Canadian capitals were burned; and, in a final irony, the United States won its greatest victory in New Orleans—after the peace treaty had been signed.