Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Why Study History?" is Voted One of the Best Books of 2013 by Hearts & Minds Books

I am honored that Why Study History?: Reflecting on the Importance of the Past has been chosen as the "Best Book About History" for 2013 by Byron Borger, proprietor of the best independent religious bookstore in the country: Hearts & Minds Books.  Here is Byron's write-up:

Why Study  History: Reflecting on the Importance of the Past  John Fea (Baker) $19.99  This deserves an award - it seems that nearly every book he writes deserves an award - although this one is simple, short, clear, and yet (as he explains) very important. There are more scholarly works (indeed, one that he co-edited a few years ago is called Confessing History) that explore a sophisticated philosophy of history from a Christian perspective, but for a quick read, succinct and compelling and helpful, this simply can't be beat. Eric Miller notes that his "love of his craft is infectious and his knowledge of it inspiring." Thomas Albert Howard calls it "a splendid, engaging book at once erudite and accessible."  I wish that every academic discipline had such an introductory level book of such fine insight so admirably written.  Kudos, John.  You have gotten more significant awards than this, but we are happy to tip our (tricorn) hats, as well.  Hip hip hooray.