Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why You Should Read the AHA Program Carefully

AHA Registration Room at Marriott Wardman
Day One of the annual meeting of the American Historical Association is off to a mixed start.  I drove down from Messiah College early in the hopes that I could  get settled in and perhaps catch a session before I had to go to work on a search committee.  It was an uneventful drive (despite snow warnings) and I even managed to get checked into my hotel room by 11:20. 

Then it was off to the "Making History Relevant" session that I blogged about yesterday.  I located the Maryland Ballroom on the lobby floor of the Marriott Wardman, but when I arrived I was the only one in the room.  That's OK, I was about ten minutes early.  I found a nice spot to sit in the back where I could tweet without bothering anyone and then waited for people to show up.  No one came.  After waiting for about ten minutes I decided to check my program only to realize that the session was scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30.  Oh well.

The Marriott lobby is hopping right now.  The registration line is moving very quickly (see photo above).  It took me five minutes to register.

I had a nice surprise within the first ten minutes of my arrival.  As I was making my way from the parking garage to the hotel lobby I ran into my former student Christine Kelly.  Christine is working for the AHA this weekend and I know we can expect some informative posts from her in her role as one of our conference correspondents.  About five minutes later I ran into another former student, Alex Lovelace.  I am so glad to see Messiah History Department graduates--now professionals in the field--finding their way at the AHA.

More later...