Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gino's Gives You Freedom of Choice

Here is your 1970s nostalgia for the day.

Anyone ever eat at Gino's Hamburgers?  When I was a kid I remember going to a Gino's in Parsippany, New Jersey.  (It eventually became a Roy Rogers).

Every now and then the song from this Gino's commercial pops into my head and I can't shake it. Since I tend to sing whatever song pops into my head, I ended up driving my family nuts last night.


Tom Van Dyke said...

Anyone ever eat at Gino's Hamburgers?

Rt. 13, Levittown, PA. In 8th grade, we used to skip church and go drink coffee at St. Gino's.

John Fea said...

I remember the "Gino Giant." I think it predated the Big Mac and the Whopper!