Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Exhibit: New Jersey in the Revolutionary War

"The American Revolution in New Jersey: Where the Battlefront Meets the Homefront" is the name of the new exhibit at The Museum of Early Trade & Crafts in Madison, NJ.  

New Jersey, of course, was the so-called "Cockpit of the American Revolution."  Most of the fighting during the first year or two of the war took place in New Jersey and some of the mid-Atlantic's most ardent patriots came from the Garden State.

Here is a taste of what you can expect from the exhibit:

The exhibit, which will remain open until February 2015, will explore five topics: the experience of Loyalists from New Jersey, how women contributed to the war effort, how farmers were affected by the various armies criss-crossing their lands, early mining and the black experience. 

"The objects displayed will be representational of the period," said Siobhan Fitzpatrick, curator of collections and exhibits.

"They will include currency, muskets, powder horns and military accoutrements, farming and mining equipment and tools relating to the woman’s role," she said.

Thanks to Megan Piette for her work on this post.