Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Lowcountry Digital History Initiative

By Megan Piette, TWOILH intern

The College of Charleston has started a new initiative called the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative (LDHI) that "highlight(s) underrepresented race, class, gender, and labor histories within and connected to the Lowcountry region". The digital exhibits use research from several faculty members from the College of Charleston and professors from other universities as well as archival material from library partners. The exhibit includes a large collection of photos, letters, flyers, and other historical documents. Here is a taste what is going on in Charleston (and online):

New exhibitions will be added to the site over time, Battle said. "Through this inclusive approach to history, public audiences can more effectively engage the diverse international history and struggles of the Lowcountry as an Atlantic World society.".

Each exhibit is richly illustrated with photos and historical documents, and site users can learn more about the research presented by exploring the "Sources" section of each project, as well as following embedded hyperlinks. For example, the exhibit the Charleston Hospital Workers Movement, 1968-1969 by project author Kerry Taylor features handwritten notes, letters, and flyers that help bring to life this pivotal event in Charleston's civil rights movement.