Monday, March 17, 2014

Junto Bracketology: Here are My First Round Picks in Brackets One and Two

Here are my first round picks (Brackets 1 and 2) in the Junto March Madness tournament.  Never heard of the Junto March Madness tournament?  Click here to learn all about it and how to vote for Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

Haefeli over Taylor
Brown over Parish
McConnville over Piccuch
Richter over Wulf
Fea over Goetz (of course)
Jasanoff over O'Shaughnessy
Linebaugh and Rediker over Gould
Engel over Brekus

Anderson over Hamalainen
Fisher over Andrews
Klepp over Morgan
Kelley over Greer
Silver over DuVal
Rushforth over Barr
Mapp over Hyde
Allgor over Haulmann

I know I picked a lot of wild upsets, but I tend to vote with my heart rather than my head.  This is probably why I have never won the NCAA basketball pool I have been running for the past twenty years.  :-)

For example, I really Haefeli and Engel.  Do they have a chance of getting by Taylor and Osborn? I'm not optimistic.  And how could I not vote for my own Was American Founded as a Christian Nation?

Stay tuned for more coverage...