Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Junto Bracketology: Here are My First Round Picks in Brackets Three and Four

Here are my first round picks (Brackets 3 and 4) in the Junto March Madness Tournament

Lyons over Rockman
Gordon-Reed over Rothman
Edelson over Brown
Burnard over Jarvis
Smallwood over Hammond
Brown over Foner
Johnson over Waldstreicher
Gallay over Snyder

Freeman over McDonnell
Breen over Griffin
Zabin over Edling
Maier over Bouton
Zagarri over Brewer
Irvin over Cotlar
Furstenburg over O'Brien
Wood over Holton

  • I think Maier has the best chance to win the entire tournament
  • Holton over Wood will be the popular pick among the left-leaning academic establishment, but Wood's Empire of Liberty is magisterial
  • Gordon-Reed will crush the competition in Bracket Three.  I don't expect her to have a close match until the Final Four
  • Breen wins the battle of Northwestern over one of his best students.
  • I like Freeman's Affairs of Honor, but not as a #1 seed.  She will lose to Breen in the second round.  The same goes for Rockman.