Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maryland County Commissioner Prays Bogus George Washington Prayer

George did not chop down the cherry either
A federal judge recently ruled that the Carroll County, Maryland Board of Commissioners would not be allowed, at least temporarily, to start their meetings with a sectarian prayer.  The order, however, did not stop Robin Bartlett Frazier, one of the commissioners, from praying a very Christian prayer at a recent budget meeting.  Frazier saw the prayer as an act of civil disobedience, saying that "she was willing to go to jail" to fight the judge's ruling.  (The ruling, by the way, was a temporary one.  The judge asked the commissioners to refrain from sectarian prayer until a lawsuit on public prayers at meetings of the Board of Commissioners could be decided).

Frazier claimed that the prayer she prayed came from George Washington. I assume that she felt that if she prayed a prayer by Washington she would be sending the message that America was founded on Christian principles.  How could a federal court condemn a prayer by George Washington?

Unfortunately, Washington never uttered this prayer.  It comes from a bogus prayer book that has been wrongly attributed to the first president.  The Carroll County Times asked me to help clarify the whole situation.  Here is a taste of their coverage: