Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Chairs at the American Antiquarian Society

Picture of AAS chairs from "Past is Present" blog
For over a century, readers working in the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester. MA sat in Colonial revival Windsor chairs. That all changed on January 6, 2014.  Here is  a taste of the AAS blog's "History of the Reading Room Chairs."

Instead of sending a committee out to visit other libraries, we brought several different models of chairs in to the reading room and asked AAS fellows and readers to test drive them in the late fall of 2013. After extensive evaluation—and yes, there were written reports—we purchased 50 Knoll ReGeneration work chairs. Our new chairs are ergonomic, fully adjustable, and cushioned, and thus far the reviews have been enthusiastic. The surviving old models were mostly distributed among staff offices at AAS, where they will continue to age gracefully. We hope that the next time you’re in the neighborhood you’ll stop by and give the new chairs a try yourself. They should make your visit a bit more comfortable.

How do we get a hold of one of the old chairs?  Or will they be added to the AAS collection?