Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Unread books on the shelf

Kathleen Howard reviews Lisa Shaver, Beyond the Pulpit: Women's Rhetorical Role in the Antebellum Religious Press

What to do with an intellectual home after it's permanently vacated?

The historian who rescued "Twelve Years a Slave" from obscurity

The malleable History PhD

George W. Bush scored a 1206 on his SATs

Museums and digital culture

Susan Ridgely reviews Eran Shalev, American Zion: The Old Testament as a Political Text from the Revolution to the Civil War

12 Years a Slave and Mandingo

Richard Hofstadter and the Tea Party

Getty images allows free use

R.I.P. Carmen Berra

Springsteen documentary coming to HBO in April

Women's suffrage on the road

Junto March Madness is back

Digital history of the National Mall