Thursday, April 10, 2014

Atlanta Bound for the Meeting of the Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting

This weekend I am headed to Atlanta for the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians.  For my non-historian readers, this is a massive gathering of a few thousand American historians.  You can read the program here.

I will do my best to blog and live tweet as much of the conference as possible.  We have a couple of correspondents lined up as well.  I will introduce them when we are ready to publish their posts.  Stay tuned.

Here are a few things I will be doing and thinking about doing in Atlanta:


At  9:00am I will be pinch-hitting as chair of a session on Religion and Transatlantic Print Culture in the Early Republic.

At 10:50 I hope to make it to the session "Writing Religious Lives" featuring papers by Rachel Wheeler, Rick Pointer, Anna Lawrence, Joshua Paddison, and John Hayes.

At 1:50 I might attend the session on "The Trans-Atlantic Enlightenment" featuring Rosemarie Zagarri, Joyce Chaplin, Sarah Knott, Michael Meranze, Jason Opal, Jose Torre, and Caroline Winterer.

I hope to close out the day on Friday by attending the plenary session "Historians and Their Publics" featuring Alan Kraut, Spencer Crew, Jill Lepore, Sean Wilentz, and Shola Lynch


At 9:00 I am torn between a panel on the state of field in the early republic and the Lendol Calder chaired session on "uncoverage" and the United States survey course.  Decisions, decisions.

I hope to finish the conference day on Saturday with the "Legacy of Edmund Morgan" panel featuring Craig Yirush, Richard Godbeer, Barbara Oberg, David Waldstreicher, and Michael Winship.


I will probably start the day with the panel "State of the Field: Religion in American History" featuring Jon Butler, Wallace Best, Susan Juster, Kathryn Lofton, Kevin Schultz, and Sarah Barringer Gordon.

And if you are still around on Sunday, don't forget to come to "Is Blogging Scholarship" where I will be joined by Jeff Pasley, Ann Little, Michael O'Malley, and Ben Alpers.

See you in Atlanta!