Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coca-Cola Executive: Liberal Arts Is Best Preparation for Business Careers

Clyde Tuggle of Coca Cola
Clyde Tuggle is the chief public affairs officer at Coca-Cola.  He majored in German and Economics at Hamilton College and then went on to get an M.Div from Yale Divinity School. Tuggle recently told a group of students at Washington and Lee College that the fields he chose to study provided him with "the perfect education for the business world."  Here is a taste of an article about his talk from the Washington and Lee website:

"I never had finance or accounting, yet I help run a huge business," the visiting Woodrow Wilson Fellow said. "I learned communications, research and critical thinking" in liberal arts and religious studies at Hamilton College and Yale, respectively. At Coke, "I blew right by the [business majors]."
Tuggle's words offer encouragement to a generation of liberal arts college students who might not know in which industry they want to work, after being advised since high school to adopt a laser focus on a career interest.