Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Forget about all the bells and whistles, a good college experience is directly related to the interaction you have with friends and with faculty. This, at least, is what John Warner has argued in a post at his Inside Higher Ed blog.  I tend to agree. While nice dorms, a pleasant location, good food, and the right major are all important factors, none is more important than the relationships you build with the people who will be teaching your classes. 

Here is a taste:

My advice to you, however, is to ignore everything you see, hear, or experience on these college tours or via the schools' glossy brochures. Do not be swayed by the boasts of leading-edge technology, or state-of-the-art anything.
I say this because there are only two things that you will have ten or twenty years after your graduation, your relationships with your friends, and the experiences and encounters you have with faculty.
In fact, for the purposes of making your decision, you might as well just use the equation of college = faculty.

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