Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Endorsement of the Day

Mark Gammon, an evangelical layman, small business owner, and glass worker, discusses (unsolicited on Facebook I might add) Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

The book which lead me to your scholarship. The book which helped lead me away from my traditional Evangelical assumption of "Christian Nationness" into a greater understanding of Enlightenment morality, namely Natural Law, and how my own spirituality need not be threatened by this personal revelation.

It is probably ironic that my involvement in the initial Tea Party and Liberty movement prompted my interest and passion for this subject matter and period of history. Yet no matter how I began my journey, nor how that journey has progressed, ultimately greater understanding and deeper insight has been my reward. A reward well worth the effort for this 'life long learner'.

These reviews mean more to me than reviews by historians because they come from folks in my target audience. Thanks so much Mark!