Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ernie Boyer on Messiah College

Some of you may have heard of Ernest L. Boyer. He was the Chancellor of the State University of New York, United States Commissioner of Education under Jimmy Carter (this was before Secretary of Education was a cabinet position), and President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  He also graduated from Messiah College.

Over at The Search for Piety and Obedience, Devin Manzullo-Thomas reminds us what Boyer thought about Messiah College.

In the piece, Boyer claims that Messiah has always been characterized by four “virtues”:
  • It has “sought to broaden education, not restrict it”;
  • It has “been not just a campus but a community as well” — meaning that its students, faculty, and staff have been united by a shared purpose and mission;
  • It has “been a place where dedicated teachers are also good and trusted friends”; and
  • It has “helped students seek connections between what they learn and how they live” — in other words, translating academic knowledge into an orientation toward service and reconciliation beyond the Ivory Tower.
Boyer's thoughts come from a speech he gave in 1984 entitled "Retaining the Legacy of Messiah College."