Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Springsteen's Spring Tour Kicks Off Tonight

Bruce and the E Street Band are gearing up for the start of their Spring 2014 in Cincinnati tonight. We here in central Pennsylvania are eagerly awaiting his arrival at Hershey Park Stadium on May 14th.  I will be in the pit with my wife and two daughters.  (Look for the 6'8" guy).  I am also hoping to add another show--perhaps one of the Mohegan Sun gigs.

Over at Blogness on the Edge of Town, Pete Chianca raises some unresolved questions about this Spring tour.  Here is a taste:

1) Will Patti be back? I’d like to think so, but her March Madness appearance is probably keeping with her recent practice of showing up only for higher-profile and televised  shows — and her solo gig announced for Sting’s Rainforest concert April 17, when Bruce will be performing in Nashville, would seem to indicate she won’t be an ESB mainstay for this leg. Still, psyched to see her doing her own thing again — could a solo tour be in the offing? We vote yes.

2) What about Stevie? While there haven’t been any official announcements, his wife the marvelous Maureen Van Zandt has tweeted that Stevie will probably be at only a few shows this leg, thanks to his commitment to “Lillyhammer,” which has apparently become the most popular TV show in Norway since, well, ever. (It’s like M*A*S*H with gangsters and snow.) But you can bet he’ll be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Thursday. That’s been a long time comin’, as they say.

3) Are more dates coming? Scuttlebutt is that the U.S. dates currently on the schedule are the only ones we’ll see for a while — no summer shows are in the works. But the wishful-thinking crowd is convinced that we’ll see Northeast stadium dates in and around August, just because. (We can dream, can’t we?)

4) Is bringing small children and tone-deaf college girls onstage becoming an every-song kind of thing? Because I’m against it.

5) Might Bruce Springsteen be tapped as the 47th lead signer for Van Halen? Again, against it.
Regardless, there’s no denying the excitement in the air as Cincinnati — and our own Anne Haines — readies for the official, non-festival U.S. tour kickoff tonight. Check back as always for setlist and post-show commentary, and pictures of whatev