Saturday, May 3, 2014

American Revolution Reborn Redux

In case you missed The American Revolution Reborn conference last Spring, the good folks at Common-Place have posted video of all the major talks.  Michael Zuckerman and Patrick Spero have recapped the conference and introduced the Common-Place issue devoted to the conference here.  You can also find videos of presentations by Trevor Burnard, Edward Countryman, Kathleen DuVal, Christine Heyrman, David Hsiung, Marjoleine Kars, Li Jianming, Margaretta Lovell, Marcus Rediker, Claudio Saint, Thomas Slaughter, Peter Thompson, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Aaron Fogleman, Linda Colley, Barbara Oberg, Denver Brunsman, Mark Boonshoft, David Shields, Annette Gordon-Reed, and Alan Taylor.

Here is a taste of Heyrman's talk on religion and the revolution in which she blames J.C.D. Clark for turning scholars away from the topic and tells the story of the George Whitefield crypt in Newburyport: