Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Review of "Was America Founded as a Christian Nation"

David Barshinger, a blogger and Jonathan Edwards scholar, has written a gracious review of Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction at his blog Exploring Church History.  I am honored to be reviewed alongside Jon Meacham.  I am also very encouraged to learn that one of Barshinger's students called Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? one of the "top five books" he has ever read.  Here is a taste of the review:

Fea’s work is a compelling introduction to the work of historians that explores the question of religion and America in its complexity, and it helpfully dispels myths and nurtures discussion, especially in the classroom. In fact, after using it in a class on American religion this past semester, one of my students said it was “one of the top five books” he had ever read. Unlike Meacham’s work, Fea seeks not to promote a political viewpoint, but to promote careful historical thinking about the past and its meaning for today.