Friday, May 9, 2014

Newport's Revolution House

Last summer I had the privilege of speaking at one of the events sponsored by the Newport Historical Society in honor of the 350th anniversary of religious toleration in Rhode Island.  You can read about my visit to Newport here.

While I was in Newport I met up with my former student and research assistant Katie Garland.  She was spending the summer in Newport on an internship with the Newport Historical Society.  She also blogged about religious freedom in Newport at the Spectacle of Toleration blog. Katie gave me the grand tour of historic Newport, including a visit to the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, the site of a Stamp Act riot in 1765.

I was thus pleased to hear about the new "Revolution House" project at the Newport Historical Society. Beginning this summer they will be turning the house into a museum devoted to the American Revolution in the Rhode Island seaport town.

Check out the very cool "Revolution House" website here.