Friday, May 16, 2014

Nicholas Kristof's Canadian Dream

Writing in his The New York Times column, Nicholas Kristof argues that the "American dream has derailed" as a result of inequality.  In fact, the so-called "American Dream" is more likely to be found in Canada.  Canadians receive free health care, work less, live longer, have healthier children, have safer pregnancies, and are more technologically savvy.


• The top 1 percent in America now own assets worth more than those heldby the entire bottom 90 percent.

• The six Walmart heirs are worth as much as the bottom 41 percent of American households put together.

• The top six hedge fund managers and traders averaged more than $2 billion each in earnings last year, partly because of the egregious “carried interest” tax break. President Obama has been unable to get financing for universal prekindergarten; this year’s proposed federal budget for pre-K for all, so important to our nation’s future, would be a bit more than a single month’s earnings for those six tycoons.

Read his entire column here.  Or perhaps watch this:


Tom Van Dyke said...

That "income inequality" is even a problem is an unproven assertion.

It's more ideology, or a function of human nature. We would rather live in an 800 sq ft house if everybody else did, than live in 1000 sq ft if everybody else got 1200.

THAT'S the problem, and politics won't solve it.

anthony fiddy said...

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