Friday, May 30, 2014

The Worcester Revolution of 1774

What was the "Worcester Revolution of 1774?"  Past is Present, the blog of the American Antiquarian Society, explains:

On September 6, 1774, 4,622 militiamen from 37 towns marched into Worcester, shiretown for  the county, closed the Royal courts, and forced each court official to resign. Forming two lines, they forced each court official, hat in hand, to disavow the recent Massachusetts Government Act, which revoked the Province’s charter and disenfranchised its citizens. With this dramatic action, all British authority vanished from Worcester County, never to return. While the actual war for American independence started in Lexington and Concord, the revolution – the actual transfer of political and military authority – occurred here in Worcester nine months earlier.

This summer the town of Worcester, Massachusetts is celebrating this event with a host of events, including tours, lectures, and other special events.  Learn more here or watch this video: