Friday, June 6, 2014

The Way of Improvement Leads Home is Seeking Correspondents for Summer 2014 Conferences

The Way of Improvement Leads Home is looking for writers/correspondents to report from several conference this summer.

I am looking for readers who are going to one of these conferences and might be interested in writing one or more blog posts about their experience.

The New York State Historical Association Conference on June 12-14 at Marist College in Poughkeepsie.

Omohundro Institute Conference on June 12-15, 2014 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Annual Meeting of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) on July 17-20 in Philadelphia.

The Bible in American Life Conference on August 6-8 in Indianapolis, IN.

I can't pay anything, but I can promise the fame associated with your words and by-line appearing on this blog!

What am I looking for out of these reports? Frankly, anything. Let the spirit move you. I would love to get general observations, reports on sessions you attend, or any other kind of stuff you might have the time or inclination to write about.

Feel free to be as creative and journalistic as you want. If at all possible I would like to get some stuff as the conference is going on, but general summaries would also work. Feel free to write as few or as many as you would like. I will try to get stuff posted here in real time (or thereabouts) during the conferences.

As for your identity, we can go one of two ways. You can identify yourself and we can introduce you with a little bio about you and your work. Or you can remain anonymous and write under a pseudonym. The choice is up to you.

Check out some of our coverage of the 2014 AHA meeting to get a sense of what our coverage looks like.

If interested, shoot me an e-mail at jfea(at)messiah(dot)edu