Monday, July 21, 2014

On Writing the History of the American Bible Society--Update #33

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I wish I could say it was a productive weekend.  It was not.  I spent most of the weekend traveling back to Pennsylvania and hanging out with my family.  After two straight weeks in the archives sometimes you just need a break.

Having said that, it is hard to escape a project like this.  I spent a few hours this weekend doing a bit more research on the ABS's approach to slavery.  It turns out that American Anti-Slavery Society offered the ABS $20,000 to distribute Bibles directly to Southern slaves.  The Board of Managers of the ABS, for reasons I mentioned in our last post, refused to accept the money.  I have my research assistant Katy Kaslow working on this story.

I need to make some major headway on chapter one today. Stay tuned