Monday, July 7, 2014

On Writing a History of the American Bible Society--Update #20

There is a lot of this stuff going on in early history of the ABS
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In the Fea household writing projects and holiday weekends do not mix very well.  I spent too much time this weekend eating hot dogs, watching soccer, passing the volleyball around in the backyard, and relaxing with the family.  I did not spend enough time working on the American Bible Society manuscript.

How many words did I write on chapter one this weekend?  Zero.

But I did manage to send out several queries to literary agents and editors and received a few (very quick) responses.  A literary agent thought the book had “commercial potential” and an acquisitions editor at a university press was also very optimistic.  Both asked for a “full proposal.”

Unfortunately, I have yet to write a formal proposal for this book.  While the proposal itself should not be too difficult to put together, I still do not yet have a sample chapter to include with it.  As I have written before, my goal was to finish chapter one by the end of June so that I could send it along with a proposal to agents and university presses.  That did not happen.  The fact that this editor and this agent want to see a full-proposal puts a lot of pressure on me to deliver one as soon as possible.  This, in turn, means that I need to finish the first chapter as soon as possible.  To complicate matters further, I am back in New York City this week doing archival research and do not want to waste my archive time putting together the book proposal when I can do that at home.

This is going to a pivotal week for this project.  Stay tuned.