Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On Writing a History of the American Bible Society--Update #22

The American Bible Society at Night
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In update #20 I suggested that this would be a "pivotal week" for the American Bible Society project.  I am trying to maximize my days in the archives and write a book proposal and a first chapter.

Let's start with the archives.  I continue to make good progress reading through the ABS Extracts. My goal is to make it through the Civil War by the end of the week.  When I left the archives today I was in the early 1840s.  I think it will be doable.  This will free me up to spend two more weeks browsing the papers of the Corresponding Secretary, the complete reports of the Auxiliaries, the minutes of the Board of Managers, and some of the personal papers of ABS founders for the period between 1816 and 1865.

Things are moving slowly on the book proposal front, but at least they are moving.  I have been writing the proposal on New Jersey Transit's Dover line and I think it is almost ready to go.  This will free me up to to spend the next four or five nights working on chapter one.  

Stay tuned.