Friday, July 25, 2014

On the Writing of the History of the American Bible Society--Update #37

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Yesterday was another long day in front of the computer screen.  I wrote a few thousand words and divided my 14,000 word chapter into two.  I would ultimately like to have each chapter come in at about 6000 words so I am going to have to do some cutting.  

The general narrative of both chapters are complete.  I am now in the process of strengthening different parts of the chapters by adding material from notes I took on primary and secondary sources.  In the process I am also bulking up the footnotes a bit.  While I am trying to write in clear prose for a popular audience, I also want the book to include a scholarly apparatus for those who want to dig deeper into the history of the American Bible Society.

Today I hope to finish the process of adding stuff from my notes to the manuscript and making sure my footnotes are in order.  If I can get this done I will be a nice position to spend a few hours a day refining, polishing, and editing next week while I am in Princeton for a Gilder-Lehrman seminar (more on this in a future post).

Stay tuned.