Thursday, September 25, 2014

An Early Report from the 2014 Conference on Faith and History Meeting

Life is good here in Malibu.  I am enjoying the sun and the ocean breeze.  The undergraduate conference is now over and I am awaiting the start of the main meeting of the Conference on Faith and History.  Civil War historian Allen Guelzo will be speaking tonight.  In case you want to follow more closely, I (and many others) are tweeting at #cfh2014

Today I sat on a panel on whether or not we should be watching the History Channel, met for coffee with some folks, and saw my former advisee, Brooke Strayer, present her paper on the peace movement (or lack thereof) in the Brethren in Christ Church.  Here are some pics from the day:

Hanging out with Jay Green of Covenant College, Pepperdine 2014 program chair and incoming Vice President of the Conference on Faith and History

Brooke Strayer "waxes" eloquent from the Pepperdine Surfboard Museum

The Agoura Hills Sheraton must have an evangelical connection

My location as I write this post.  Life is good