Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On Writing the History of the American Bible Society--Update 71

ABS 1829 Bible is fourth from left.  It was available during the General Supply
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After a few false starts I finally managed to start writing Chapter Four of the ABS project.  1179 words later, the chapter is really starting to take shape.  I am finally starting to feel good about it. This chapter is more narrative-driven than the other chapters.  I am trying to give my readers a sense of the General Supply (the attempt to provide a Bible for every American family in two years--1829-1813) as it unfolds over time.  In other words, I want to create some suspense as I chronicle the ABS effort to pull off this enormous feat.  I want my readers to feel the clock ticking.  Will they finish in two years?  How can I make my readers feel the anxiety of the Board of Managers as they receive reports from the field about the progress of the work?

Stay tuned.